Offshore work environments are exhaustive; hence require all equipment to be Consolidative, Portable and Compact. Besides, offshore applications do necessitate dedicated equipment all the year round & often call for the equipment to be moved from one location to the other.

For such offshore applications K.Mass designs and manufactures Containerized Test Systems with a full range of options to facilitate optimum work efficiency & user-friendliness in most rigorous environments.
Test Bench available in Containerized configuration
•  Safety Valve Test Bench.
•  Control Valve Test Bench.
•  Conventional Valve Test Bench.
•  Instrument Valve Test Bench.
Test Valve Size Ranges
•  From ¼” to 8” for Flanged Valves.
  From ¼” to 2” for Screwed Valves.
Test Medium
•  Compressed Air / Nitrogen.
•  Liquid.
Test Medium
•  Compressed Air / Nitrogen.
•  Liquid.
Pressure Range
•  From 15 psig to 10000 psig on Liquid.
From 15 psig to 6000 psig on Compressed Air / Nitrogen.
Container Size Options
•  10 feet.
20 feet.
40 feet.
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Container Features (These features are over, above & besides the standard features of the Test Bench installed within the container)      
Compact package type Test Bench, completely piped, wired & assembled in a shelter with a blind roof & open able walls.
Open able Ceiling Patch to enable load/unloading of valves using an overhead crane from top of the container.
Forklift channels for ground movement
Lifting lugs located at the four upper corners of the container for removal and movement from one platform to another by Platform Crane or Supply boats.
Optional Features      
Work Tables for basic valve maintenance.
Portable Trolley mounted Nitrogen Cylinders
Specific arrangement to secure Valves under maintenance.
Water Tight Containers.

Special requirements if any can be configured upon request.

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