Data Acquisition & Recording System which records the entire test and creates certificates for test executed with any high pressure system. It is a PC based recording system which operates thru windows based software that displays a real time online Pressure Vs Time Graph & predefined Data Input fields.
Software Features
Compatible with Windows XP / Windows Vista 32bit & 64 bit.
The Software Installer package contains the Basic Software as well as other relevant software to open and / or print the saved certificates.
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Records Tests, creates certificates containing Pressure x Time Graph of the test allowing the User to “Start” / “Stop” data logging at any point during the test.
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Displays a real time online Pressure Vs Time graph with option of Variable Pressure Units which can be selected with a single click from a dropdown Menu.
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Configured to save and / or print the Test Certificates.
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Capable of logging data from 1 up to 4 Channels (4 Test Objects) simultaneously. Contains a drop down menu for the user to select 1 or all channels for data logging.
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Configured with an option to ‘Add Pin points’ (up to a maximum of 4 points) on the line graph. Upon adding a pin-point the pressure value in the selected units & time duration at that particular point is indicated in the graph as shown in the Standard test certificate format. The users also have a provision to label the pin point with characters right below the indicted Pressure / time value.
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Enables the users to input Complete Valve & Test History data within the Certificate.
Trolley Mount arrangement for portability & easy storage. Equipped with latest IP65 compliant 15” Industrial Panel PC.

Rack mount IP 65 compliant Industrial Keyboard with touch pad mouse along with a Laser Printer for report printing.
Configured with IP 65 compliant K.Mass DAS Data Logger. Intrinsically Safe Pressure Transducers.
All power & data cables lay out in accordance with global standards.
Hardware - Options
  • 17” Industrial Panel PC.
  • Color Laser Printer.
  • Wifi Enabled System.
  • Additional Data Logger for acquiring data from more than 4 Channels.
Software - Options
  • Customized Header / Footer Logo.
  • Customized Header / Footer Text.
  • Customized Data Fields.
  • Addition of channels (wherever more than 4 are required).
  • Addition of ‘Pin Points’ (wherever more than 4 are required).
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