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Gas Air Booster does not Reciprocate      
Probable Cause
Insufficient / Unavailable Dive Air Check Drive Air Isolation Valve. Open the valve if it is closed.

Check the Drive Air Supply, ensure the available pressure is between 7 to 20 bar.
Blockage in the drive Air Filter Check and clean air filter.
Gas Air Booster Air shuttle valve is sticking. Remove and clean air valve and housing assembly and its shuttle valve components.

Replace shuttle assembly if required
Connecting rod is improperly adjusted or bent (may occur after pump overhaul). Readjust rod and nut. Refer the Gas Booster Manual.

Straighten or replace rod.
Gas Air Booster Reciprocates but does not deliver / hold Pressure      
Probable Cause
Insufficient / Unavailable Pre-Charged Air Check pre-charge pressure, replace source if necessary, or Turn on supply. Insufficient supply gas filtration is a leading cause of seal and check valve failure.

Check the cleanliness of pre-charge poppet seat.
Drain or Depressurizing Valve is Open Ensure that the drain / depressurizing valve is closed tightly and does not leak.
Leakage or blockage at inlet or outlet Check Valve of the Gas Booster Remove and clean the Gas Booster Check Valves. Look for foreign matter logged in sealing areas.Replace damaged or worn o-rings
High Pressure Seals of The Gas Booster damaged Replace High Pressure Seals. Refer Gas Booster Manual.
Low Pressure seals of the Gas Booster damaged Replace Low Pressure Seals. Refer Gas Booster Manual.
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