K.Mass manufactures a range of self contained & ready to operate Power Pack Units which only require compressed instrument air and test media supply for Hydraulic or Pneumatic pressurization of any equipment, system or pipeline.

Aptly suitable for Onshore and Offshore environments which require a remote pressure source these Power packs are tailored in various configurations depending on the users selection criteria. Designed as complete test units these systems are capable of performing Choke, Kill, Pressure and Burst Tests. These Power packs can also be used for Liquid or Gaseous chemical Injection.

Systems required for both High & Low Pressure / Volume applications can also be fitted with dual pumps.
Standard Power Pack Types
•  Hydraulic Power Pack.
•  Pneumatic Power Pack.
Test Medium
•  Compressed Air / Nitrogen.
•  Liquid.
Standard Pressure Ranges
•  From 0 – 10,000 psig for Liquids (Higher pressures available on request).
•  From 0 –6,000 psig for Gases (Higher pressures available on request).
Construction Type
•  Static floor Mounted.
•  Portable with Castors.
Pressure Range
•  From vacuum up to 6000 psig on Liquid.
•  From vacuum up to 6000 psig on Compressed Air / Nitrogen.
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‘Sprague’ Air Driven Hydro Pumps & Gas Boosters.
  • Single / Double Acting
  • Max Drive Air 10 bar
  • All Stainless Steel wetted Sections
Drive Air Filter, Regulator & Pressure Gauge.
Panel Mounted ‘Swagelok’ / ‘Parker’ On / Off Valves.
  • Drive Air Isolation
  • Suction Fluid Isolation
2 Way manual Operated Needle Valves.
  • Test Object Isolation
  • Bleed Line Isolation
  • Optional equipment Isolation
4” Panel Mounted Stainless Steel Outlet / Test Pressure Gauge.
  • Accuracy – +1% of FSD
  • Glycerin filled
  • Dual Scale – Bar & Psig
  • With Calibration Certificate

Stainless Steel High Pressure tubing.

Safety Valves on Accumulators to protect against system over pressure.

Priming Bypass facility in Liquid Power Packs to remove air bubbles from Test Object by filling up Liquid prior to testing.

Stainless Steel Pressure Inlet and Outlets

Rigid Carbon Steel, Powder coated Frame Structure
Optional Features      
Electronic Over Pressure Protection System with a ‘Digital Read Out’ to preset the maximum pressure limit of the Test Bench & avoid accidents due to over pressure.
Panel mounted Stainless Steel Mechanical Circular Chart Recorder.
Windows based Data Acquisition / Computer Registry System.
SS-304 Liquid Reservoir with Accessories.
Air Gun for cleaning of valves & Test Bench during & after the tests.
Stainless Steel Frame Structure to suit highly Corrosive environments/applications.

Our Standard Material of Construction for all wetted Parts of is SS-304. However, special materials like SS-316, Monel, Inconnel etc. are available on demand to suit the process environments

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