K.Mass designs and manufactures a custom made range of Test Benches for testing of all Gate, Globe, Plug, Check, Slide, Ball and Butterfly Valves.
Valve Types
•  Gate & Sluice Valves.
•  Globe, & Plug Valves.
•  Ball Valves.
•  Check & None Return Valves.
•  Butterfly Valves.
Size Ranges
•  From ½” Inlet to 10” Inlet Flanged Valves (Higher sizes available on request).
•  From ¼” Inlet to 2” Inlet Screwed Valves.
Test Type
Seat Test Body Test
Test Medium
•  Compressed Air / Nitrogen.
•  Liquid.
Pressure / Vacuum Range
•  Variable ranges from Vacuum up to 6000 psig.
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Standard Features      
3Jaw, Stainless Steel, Piston loaded Auto Clamping unit for Quick & effortless clamping of valves for Seat Leak Test. (For Valve Sizes up to 6”)
Lead Screw type SS-410 Hardened, Top Pillar Clamping assembly to clamp the downstream side of Valves for Body Hydro Test
Ergonomically designed User-friendly Control console for Ease of Operation & Optimum Output whilst ensuring adequate Operator Safety.
Electronic Over Pressure Protection System with a ‘Real time Digital Pressure Read Out’ to preset the maximum pressure limit of the Test Bench & avoid accidents due to over pressure.
Onsite calibration option for Electronic Over Pressure Protection System for user
Safety Valves on Accumulators to protect against system over pressure.
Safety Screen to protect the operator from exposure to pressurized test media.
Priming Bypass system to vent air bubbles & pockets in test valves by filling up water prior to hydraulic testing.
Pressure Gauge Adaptors to enable directional control of Test Pressure Gauges
Pressure Outlets for testing external pressure tight assemblies.
All electrical mountings & cables routed neatly in accordance with international standards using conduits & covers with appropriate glands, clamps & gaskets.
High Quality Weather Proof Painting to prevent rusting even in highly corrosive offshore environments.
Sequential Nametags & labels for easy identification & operation.
Stainless Steel Circuit Tubing Integrated in accordance with International Standards
Optional Features      
Work Tables for basic valve maintenance.
Specific arrangement to secure Valves under maintenance.
Water Tight Containers.
A Remote Controlled 4-Jaw, En-24 Chrome-Moly-Steel Hardened, Bottom Hydraulic Cylinder Proportional Clamping unit with fully equipped with a PLC based Safety Interlock System & Touch Screen Human Machine Interface for Safe, Quick & effortless clamping of valves for Seat Leak Test.
A Remote Controlled Compression type Top Hydraulic Cylinder Proportional Clamping System fully equipped with a PLC based Safety Interlock System & Touch Screen Human Machine Interface for Safe, Quick & effortless clamping of valves for body Test.
90° Tilting Port to facilitate easier loading/unloading for larger Valves as well as for testing of valves in either Vertical or Horizontal state. (For Valve Sizes of 6” and above)
Common / Independent Skid Mount Platform for all Test System Modules.
Large Size Bright LED Displays for ‘Real time Digital Pressure Read Out’ (Available in Variable Sizes)
Panel & Direct Mounted Chart Recorders
Complete Stainless Steel Structural Fabrication.
Containerized System with / without Work benches for Offshore applications (Only up to 8” Valve size).
Standard Accessories      
Air Gun for cleaning of valves & Test Bench during & after the tests.
6” Test Pressure Gauges with Accuracy of +0.5% of FSD.
High Pressure Threaded Adaptors for Screwed Valves.
Phosphatized Intermediate and Outlet Flanges with O-Rings to accommodate various valve sizes.
Interconnecting Cables & Hoses
Compatible Add On Systems & Accessories      
Data Acquisition System
High Pressure Air Supply System to cater to the Drive Air & Pre-charged Air requirement of the Test Bench
Digital Bubble Counter
Portable Trolley Mounted Nitrogen Cylinder
Test Media Recirculation System

Our Standard Material of Construction for all wetted Parts of the Test Bench is SS-304. However, special materials like SS-316, Monel, Inconnel etc. are available on demand to suit the process environments.

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